View from Radisson in Riga

Riga, Latvia

Despite mocking my blog for the last year, Stuart decided that he wanted to contribute and wrote his own notes on our trip to Riga in Latvia. I have embellished his unique blogging style with photos that I took during our trip and added some further explanation where necessary in brackets.


Riga Latvia



Got lost leaving service station, lights and signs were bullshit which was made worse as Jade had her car cleaned by Stifts and visibility was reduced due to unnecessary smearing. Worked in airport while Jade played baby games. Flight was good. Had a nice kit kat, 3 coffees and 3 beers. Needed toilet when we got off so decided to go quickly before passport control. Jade failed to announce she needed to go as well which resulted in us queuing a bit longer and losing the advantage of getting off the plane first.


Was snowing on arrival but life continued as normal. Rivers frozen. Had lunch in a good place and eat a good sausage. Jade chose a rubbish lunch cos she picked something from the kids menu.


Riga Latvia
Had a long snooze: 1.5 hours. Went to a restaurant but was fully booked. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we then went to Easy Beer which was really good. Jade liked the cherry beer as it was babyish.

(Easy Beer is a great concept. You are given a card loaded with 20 euros, you scan your card and then pour your own beer from taps on the wall. You only pay for the amount that you pour.)



Breakfast was good but Jade made lots of noise dropping a cover plate. She claimed that there wasn’t enough room to put it anywhere however all other adults managed ok but a small child did the same as Jade.
Went to the local market which was good. Not many tourists which was also good. Purchased rum for Eli.
(I love a local market, you get a real sense of local life. I spent ages walking around taking photos.)


Riga Market
Lunch was good. Had a nice hot cocktail, bit like mulled wine/Glühwein so that was good. Honig Kuchen war gut aber ich habe nicht ihn gegessen. Tea was good. Coffee in Peters brewhouse was good.
(We had lunch at Milda. It was a lovely restaurant and the food was delicious. It would be great to come here for a special evening.)


Evening notes: Specials weren’t good. Jade was unsure of the fish bruschetta but actually upon tasting it was good.
(When the restaurant was fully booked the previous evening I made a reservation so that we could eat at Milna Bite. The food was ok but not as good as lunch. It had a more casual feel that Milda.)


Jade thought Funky Fox and Kadi Bar were bullshit. Jade got cross in Kadi Bar as I accidentally ordered two beers instead of 1. If in Germany I would have accepted liability but I don’t speak Latvian so jades behaviour can be deemed unfair.
(Classic Stuart behaviour sneakily ordering 2 beers. Funky Fox was hideous.)



Breakfast was good but Jade had a very poor attitude and drunk tea very slowly (on purpose). I was upset by the pretentious wankers who wore slippers and pyjamas in the breakfast arena. Also same person made a Skype call the previous day. Execution required.
(If I take more than 3 minutes to consume breakfast then I’m taking too long.)
Jade soaked the bathroom floor but didn’t make an issue. If it was me a massive issue would have been made.
(I’ve never known anyone to soak the bathroom quite as much as Stuart does when he has a shower. I have to put galoshes on if I want to brush my teeth after he’s had a shower.)
Jade had a meltdown due to more walking than expected. This was due to poor crossing systems from the riverside back into the city. Luckily I spotted a crossing which Jade said wouldn’t work but i knew it would lead to a subway which would enable our road crossing crisis to come to an end. Jade then wanted to have a coffee in Double Coffee but I said it was rubbish and suggested Golden Coffee which was much better and Jade agreed it was good. However, music was bullshit but needless to say jade liked it and behaved badly including not searching for a restaurant.
(Stuart’s philosophy for exploring a new city is taken from the 1980’s kids TV show ‘Knightmare’ and by this I mean that you can never go back. Instead of us turning around to cross the road, Stuart made us walk for about half an hour searching for another crossing. Eventually after my continual moaning he finally allowed us to turn around and head back to the crossing.)


Riga Latvia
Riga Latvia
Went to a nice church (not a Stifts one). Skyline Bar had good views, bit pretentious and the beer isn’t to the standard I would expect. Jade got drunk on 3 cocktails.
(Skyline Bar at the top of the Radisson hotel has absolutely stunning views across Riga. The ‘nice church’ was Nativity of Christ Cathedral which is right beside the Radisson. The cocktails were yummy but the food was a bit basic.)


Riga Latvia
Evening notes: Jade caused 3 delays getting ready. Laces and towels and toilet roll. I forgot my cards and money which I think was a result of Jades delays.
Went to a bar for pre dinner drinks. Jade left flash on my camera phone and almost burnt my retinas. She also didn’t talk to me and chose to watch French you’ve been framed presented by Jean Pierre Beadle.
Had a lovely meal with Jade but both a bit fooded out. Beef tartare was better than the osterich one but still didn’t beat Poznan. Fillet steak was huge and of high quality but still not as good as Rome. Went to an American themed type cafe bar which was very hot. Drunk English man caused a toilet delay and there was also a 9 foot German in the toilets. He would have been a good soldier if war was still going on. Jade insisted I was only allowed one beer but then she realised it was my last chance to be relaxed before working really hard again so she decided to be nice and let me have another quick one.
(We had dinner at Neiburgs which was another really great restaurant. We were spoilt with amazing food in Riga.)



Jade showed signs of severe laziness.
Despite my advice Jade chose to take her boots off on the plane which resulted in a delayed toilet visit. Just prior to take off Jade had an argument with a gypsy. Lots of kids on the flight but they behaved as they weren’t English. Had 2 good coffees and 3 beers. Jade had another nice kit kat.


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