Bombas and Banks

My partner and I have very different objectives when it comes to beach holidays. Mine is to relax on a sun lounger, listening to some good tunes on my iPod and soak up the sun. This is his idea of hell. On our one and only trip to the beach together many years ago, he paced around back and forth, refused to sit on the sun lounger next to me and continually looked at his watch until I finally gave in and left. It was the least relaxing 36 minutes of my life. From that day forth we vowed never to subject the other person to a beach day together, instead, I go to the beach and he goes off on adventures into town. My partner loves to meet local people when we’re away, which is strange because he will avoid a stop and chat at all costs when we are at home. We once took a KLM Cityhopper from Amsterdam to Manston which are tiny planes with only ever about 20 people on them. He’d spotted someone he knew from his younger days in the departures lounge, who then sat in the seat in front of us on the plane, we queued together to have our passports checked after we landed and then waited for our luggage at the carousel with just a handful of other people. Somehow, and to this day I’ve no idea how he managed it, my partner managed to avoid any kind of interaction with this acquaintance of old. That day he was elevated to gold status of stop and chat avoidance. When we are in on holiday though, he loves to meet the locals and chat and drink beer with his new buddies. He will make a beeline for the most local of the local bars he can find, the sort of bar that tourist are far too intimidated to enter and even pick up their pace as they walk past. The locals in Barbados are the friendliest, most welcoming people you will find. They are always happy to talk to my partner and buy him drinks. One time they took him on a pub crawl to their favourite haunts. Needless to say he always comes back full of stories of the people he’s met but also full of beer and rum!


Yesterday was a beach/adventure day and we had booked a table at Bombas for dinner last night but I ended up going alone with my folks whilst I left my partner sleeping off his exciting day and mumbling something about eggs. If you are looking for friendly and efficient service then Bombas isn’t the place for you. My mother made the mistake of asking the difference between the red and green curries. The response was ‘the ingredients’. Despite being given that highly detailed description my mother probed a little further and was told ‘if you don’t know the difference then I don’t know what to suggest’. In the end she opted for the red curry. I went for the blackened barracuda and my step-dad had the lobster linguine. The food was absolutely delicious. You are spoilt for good places to see the sun setting in Barbados and this is no exception. You are right on the waters edge with palm trees overhanging the beach and the waves lapping on the shore. This island is beautiful.

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