Bajan Pub Quiz

We were due to go out on a catamaran cruise on Wednesday but there was a swell which meant it wasn’t possible. The current was really strong and people were getting knocked off their feet by the sea. My partner and I decided to take a trip into Holetown for a spot of lunch and to buy some souvenirs from the chattel village. It’s a really cute collection of brightly painted wooden huts where you can buy lovely, slightly overpriced bits and bobs to take home. It is, however, slightly more affordable than the designer shopping mall which has sprung up along the road called Lime Grove where you can pick up the latest Louis Vuitton bag or maybe some jewellery from Diamonds International. It really does highlight the two contrasting sides to life in Barbados.


For lunch we headed to Zaccios which is a beach bar serving delicious fish, burgers and pizza. The portions are pretty big, my partner ordered a medium sized pizza and was brought a ginormous pizza that filled the table. He had a good go at it but even he was defeated in the end. You can sit down at a table overlooking the sea or have a drink at the buzzing little bar, so it’s a great spot to grab a cool drink if you’re spending the day on the beach.


Our trip back to Port St Charles involved riding a yellow bus, which are sometimes referred to as reggae buses as they play music so loud that your bones shake more from the music than the potholes. My parents have always told me about the perils of the yellow buses as opposed to the blue government buses but we were feeling really brave so got a yellow bus anyway. Also, it was the first one to arrive at the bus stop. I was hugely disappointed that there was no music in our bus and we just had a normal, if a little bumpy, ride back to the apartment.


In the evening we headed to De Outback, a little place around the back of the houses between Holetown and Speightstown. The name of the place is reason enough to visit but it also has really delicious food and a great atmosphere. The coconut shrimp are enormous. When we arrived we found out it was quiz night so of course we had to join in. It was $10 per person to join in (about £4), there were 5 rounds and for every round you won, you got $10 off the bill for your table. With 8 of us on the table the maximum we could potentially win was $50, still leaving us $30 out of pocket even if we were victorious across the board. After the first round it became apparent that it was only us and the table next to us that had joined in the quiz. Maybe the other tables had done the maths earlier and didn’t fancy their odds at breaking even. The quiz did not disappoint. It was exactly what you would expect from a quiz in Barbados – confusing and random. To start with we had a set of pictures of famous land marks that we had to identify.  Table Mountain, Statue of Liberty and that classic landmark – the Arabic word for Coca-Cola. Unsurprisingly, neither team got that one correct. My favourite question in the geography round was ‘True or false, is the island of Martinique above or below Dominica’. We went for ‘below’ but the answer was actually ‘false’. Our winning round was most definitely the music round. It turned out to be a name that tune round based on love songs. Rod Stewart ‘Maggie May’ (my dad’s favourite), a bit of Stevie Wonder ‘I just called to say I love you’ and then we were all stumped… some country song that we’d never heard of. From the depths of his mind my partner pulled out the name Kenny Rogers as he’d seen a tribute act on a cruise ship some years before but the title could have been anything. That was until they played it for a second time, didn’t press stop quickly enough when it got to the chorus and we clearly heard the words ‘Buy me a rose’. I have no idea how we pulled that answer out of thin air but it lead to us being the winners of the quiz and our prize… a bottle of Mount Gay rum which the table decided that Stuart should have partly due to his success at knowing  who Kenny Rogers was and secondly because they had all heard about the excessive rum drinking earlier in the week. He might be able to stomach it in another 2 years.

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