The Beautiful Bodensee Part 3

Having explored the west of the lake from our base in Konstanz we moved on to Wasserburg, a peninsula on the north east side of the Bodensee. It’s a peaceful little place that is a cross between a 1960’s holiday resort in the Catskills and a modern day retirement village. Perfect for us as we live in an old people’s road back home. They make the best neighbours.


Although Wasserburg is in Germany, across the lake is Austria to the left and Switzerland to the right, so it’s a great base for exploring. They also had a kiosk that sold Cola Calippos which are Stuart’s favourite so he was happy. We checked into the Schloss Hotel, a 19th century lakefront ‘castle’ (I would certainly say it was a small castle) and were greeted with welcome Haribo on the bed. Schloss Hotel has a wonderful terrace overlooking the lake that is perfectly positioned for sundowners.


The next day we took a 10 minute boat ride to Lindau, which was the town that originally inspired our trip to Lake Constance. We were pleased to discover that it lived up to the pictures we’d googled. Along the harbour there is a parade of cafes and restaurants and with the sun shining it was the perfect place to watch the world go by.


As it was a hot day Stuart decided to get a refreshing sounding cocktail, a lemon sorbet mojito. It sounded delicious and he thought it would be just the thing to cool him down. When it arrived it was a scoop of sorbet absolutely drowning in cheap smelling rum. Stuart took one sip and then his face contorted into shapes I’d never seen before. It was virtually neat rum that he was drinking. Of course, he passed the glass to me insisting that I tried it, of course, I said no. With the persistence of a 3 year old he nagged me to try it until I finally gave in and took the glass. I brought the glass to approx 30cm of my face and was overcome by the fumes of the booze. The memories of all the drunken nights from my youth came flooding back with a wave of nausea and I quickly gave Stuart his glass back. Being the trooper that he is, he managed to polish off the cocktail then quickly ordered a more girly sounding one to wash away the pain. The melon cocktail was far more palatable.


That evening, on our quest to find non-German food for dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant called Sumser 2 in the heart of Wasserburg. We had seen on Trip Advisor that it only had a 2.5 rating so we didn’t hold out much hope but  we were in for a real treat. The service was average, I’ve had better service in McDonalds, but the icing on the cake was being brought our starter and main course at the same time.


Being British, we didn’t complain and when the waitress came over to ask if everything was ok we smiled and told her it was lovely thank you. When we returned to our hotel I got Stuart to translate the Trip Advisor comments which were written in German and had tears of laughter rolling down my face as comment after comment absolutely slated the place. One person only went in for an ice cream and managed a paragraph rant about the place.

For our final day on the Bodensee we took a boat ride to Bregenz, which is on the Austrian part of the lake. It didn’t look too attractive as we approached on the boat and we were a little worried that it was a little bit ‘Friedrichshafen’ but our fears were allayed as we walked away from the port to an attractive stretch along the lakeside and found the perfect spot for lunch at Wirtshaus am See.


The waiter was a jolly chap who spoke in a singsong voice and offered me a menu in English, the first one of the holiday. I was delighted. I had previously had to rely on Stuart’s translations and google to work out what the food was. This has got us into trouble in the past. Stuart had told me I was ordering goose leg with red cabbage and I actually got goose leg with an enormous portion of Brussel sprouts. I haven’t let him forget it since and that was 2 years ago.


That evening we were completely fooded out and worn out from the week so decided to stay in, raid the mini bar and watch Titanic dubbed in German on the TV. What better way to end a fabulous week.

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